Top Reasons Why Some Rooms are Warmer or Colder than Others

some rooms warmer or colder than others

A balanced HVAC system is what every homeowner desires. This is because such a system supplies the right amount of cooled air to every room in your home so that the room temperatures can be even throughout. However, it should be noted that balancing a HVAC system is not as easy and some floor plans may be more difficult to balance compared to others. This is especially with reference to two-story homes and the long ranch-style homes. Whenever your home has rooms that are not evenly heated, there could be issues that require an expert diagnosis.

Among the reasons for this differential heating include:

A dirty Air Filter

Filters ought to be replaced or cleaned at least once per month. This is because when they become dirty, they reduce or interfere with the airflow. A majority of newer homes have filters located at multiple return air registers around the home. Therefore, you should ensure you know where each filter is located and whether they are clean or not. If your home has double filtration, you can eliminate one set of filters and still optimize the remaining ones.

Closed Air Registers

When air registers are completely closed, they may cause a number of problems including unbalancing your system and development of condensate around the perimeter of the register or on the surface of the slats. This can cause mold to grow over the surface with time. You should also check into each register for the accumulation of debris behind the slats which may block airflow.

Air Leakages and Open Windows

Although this may look obvious, fully open windows and massive air leakages can cause a differential in heating and cooling even if the system is working right. Also, closing the curtains or blinds can go a long way in stabilizing the room temperature.

Your Ducts are Damaged

Depending on the construction design of your house, you may want to poke your head into the hatch opening in your attic and just look around with a flashlight to check if your ducts are in good order or damaged. Normally, ducts pull apart gradually at the connections. Also, small animals which find their way into attic can make holes in your duct system. If your attic is nearly as warm or cool as your house, you should investigate because this could mean leakages.

Newer flexible ducts at times get crimped by their hangers or can get trampled by people as they work in the attic. This can cause a reduced airflow into your indoor space.

A point to note is that you should not expect total perfection because one room will always be a little cooler or warmer compared to the other. However, do not tolerate when the difference in temperatures are so huge. Always contact a HVAC professional if the problem goes out of hand.